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24 thoughts on “Piano Lesson The Circle Of Fifths Made EASY Part 1 Tutorial Shawn Cheek

  1. Again, really great video. It really helps to be able to review/playback to
    let it all sink in this thick headed Irish skull. I’m up to part 7, but
    find myself going back to part one thru six to absorb more. The Formula of:
    w^w^h^w^w^w^h really helps with figuring out the sharps and flats. Again

  2. Dude, you totally rock! I learned more from you in that last 12 minutes
    that I did in any book that I have read! Thank you for this… you have no
    idea how much it is appreciated.

  3. The easiest way to play the Circle of Fifths without having to memorize
    anything is just to look at your second finger in each major chord. If you
    sharpen that note (half step up), you have the starting note for the next
    progression, Repeat this over and over and you are playing the Circle of

  4. I would definitely watch some interval training, scale training, videos
    first to understand this better. This is not for beginners for sure, but
    agreed that understanding how the circle works can help you understand
    music better.

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