Today I want to focus on rests. We’ve brought up quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes. In music, there will always be spaces of what you are playing. Those spaces are rests.

Let’s examine an example in 4/4 time. In that time signature, you will discover four beats per measure. So if I play a pace of quarter notes it could be: note, note, note, note. But shall we say there is a rest inside. It would look a lot more: note, note, no note, note. That space its keep is no note could be the rest. In that measure you will discover 3 quarter notes, and 1 quarter rest.

We are capable of doing the same things with eighth notes and eighth note rests, sixteenth notes and sixteenth note rests, as well as on and also on. The length of the area, or rest, may be the same as it will be if you were actually playing an email.

Just like notes, rests possess a different look based on what their duration is. You can watch the playback quality to see what each rest notation seems like. Listening to me play in the recording will also help you to get a grasp about the concept if you might be having difficulty.