Now I’m likely to give you slightly exercise you’re able to do to further knowing of note duration. The exercise might sound a little dull simply because you are gonna be playing precisely the same note time and time again, nevertheless it will offer you a good base once we learn about rhythms.

Start the exercise by setting a metronome to 60 beats each minute. Next, play two measures of whole notes. A whole note is four beats with the metronome. Hit the important thing as the metronome clicks, hold it for four clicks, then hit it again and hold that for four clicks. You have just played two whole notes. Next let’s play half notes. We will play for precisely the same 8 clicks from the metronome, consider we are playing half notes as opposed to whole notes, we hit the true secret every two clicks. Moving on to quarter notes, we hit the true secret every click for 8 clicks.

Eighth notes become just a bit bit more tricky, and can really help you have a feel for the songs. This is as you have to play two evenly spaced eighth note for every single click on the metronome. In the two measure duration of eight metronome clicks, you need to be able to play sixteen evenly spaced eighth notes. As we proceed to eighth note triplets, things get more advanced. A sixteenth note triplet is played 3 times in the space of 1 metronome click. Triplets have a very unique feel, which you will discover as long as you be sure to play all with the notes evenly spaced.

To end the exercise let’s play sixteenth notes. You really need to acquire the pace and use your spacing here. Sixteenth notes are played four times for each and every click on the metronome. Sixteen times per measure, and 32 times in the two measure span much like the one were practicing with.

Continue to train this exercise and soon you can play everything straight through without stopping to contemplate it or skipping a beat. Once you can begin to play the exercise straight through, using evenly spaced notes, and keeping time using the metronome you’re to start working on the next lesson. So, be able to practicing, and I’ll watch you back here shortly!

One you might have learned each of the note values, you’ll be ready learning some simple piano songs.