Nate Ruess’s music video for ‘Nothing Without Love’ from the album Grand Romantic – available June 16 on Fueled By Ramen. Download this single ( or stream it on Spotify…

23 thoughts on “Nate Ruess: Nothing Without Love [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  1. For some reason this reminds me of My Chemical Romance, I don’t know why,
    maybe because it sounds like the grandiose rock that they did in The Black
    Parade. Or maybe I just miss MCR. Sigh…

  2. The song is incredible. Nate’s voice is unbelievable. But this isn’t Fun.
    Fun. wasn’t just Nate’s voice. It was Jack and Andrew’s various
    Most importantly, Fun. was the way that Nate, Jack and Andrew worked
    together. The way they played together. It created perfect harmony.
    Nothing will ever be Fun. except Fun.
    Fun. must come back sooner or later. If it is years, or even decades, then
    so be it. Fun. will be more than worth the wait.
    I wish them all the best in their solo endeavors.
    Amazing song. Amazing voice. We love you. 

  3. I always love the subtle references to past songs that they make in newer
    songs. “Carry me home”, “Empire State”. Even if they’re unintentional, it’s
    my headcannon and I love it. :)

  4. *Nothing without love*

    This song and video were able to penetrate my foggy, congested head.

    Hope everybody is having a great Monday and that you feel better than I do.

    #nateruess #nothingwithoutlove

  5. Nate is talented but two questions is he Irish like Niall Horan or is it
    extremely way to much auto tune but he looks incredible goregus , he should
    be on America’s hottest male

  6. pour toi mon grand neveu loin de la maison prés du coeur 100000 bisous
    trés doux ………… pour tes 20 ans je t’aime trés fort je pense à toi

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